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Throughout my childhood, I had mentors who encouraged me to live without boundaries. With the negativity in today’s world, my desire for the LaFell Group is to empower our youth to greatness – Brandon LaFell

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Football is a TRUE Passion

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The Man

At a young age, Brandon LaFell discovered his passion for quality of life that exceeded his ability to run and catch the football. This discovery afforded him to dream to one day improve his quality of life and those around him by using his gift.

The Athlete

Brandon became an amazing athlete in high school and earned a football scholarship to Louisiana State University. During his time at Louisiana State University, he became one of the greatest athletes in LSU football history. Today he is a proud New England Patriot.

The Foundation

The LaFell Group creates unique educational and enrichment opportunities to improve the quality of life in the community through education, fitness, and mentoring for at risk children and their families.

Rookie Highlights

Brandon has always shown exuberance for the game. Even as a rookie he delivered a level of excitement with a depth of skill.

Brandon LaFell and Samaritans Feet Shoe Giveaway

NFL wide receiver Brandon LaFell and his organization, the LaFell Group, partners with Samaritans Feet in giving away socks and shoes to special needs children in the week leading up to Super Bowl LI in Houston.

Brandon LaFell Takes a Quick Slant 86 Yards to the House!

Brandon 86 yard TD.

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