Thanksgiving is usually the time of year that many of us are giving thanks. We often see those who really genuinely care come out and serve because they love to help others.  This year the LaFell Group teamed up with We See Abilities and Andre Johnson, Karen Johnson, and his foundation The Andre Johnson Foundation to be a blessing to some very special people. What an awesome night we had at IFLY Woodlands teaming up to serve. These young people were able to deny the boundaries of fear and far exceed their expectations. Some of the youth were even bound by wheelchairs but this opportunity allowed them to soar past any limitation placed on them. Thank you Mythiquer Pickett, Ms. Karen Johnson and Andre Johnson for allowing the LaFell Group to partner with you to change lives. Thank you Ayana Mack for being there and showing folks how we fly.  Unfortunately Brandon LaFell couldn’t make it that night but sent one of his personal jerseys just to show how much he really wanted to be there. There were so many others there to thank as well. Brandon and the LaFell Group really want thank everyone who came to help and especially those young people we were able to serve. We are truly Thankful for you all. Click here to see slideshow from the night